Bro. Stephen is essentially the moniker for Scott Kirkpatrick and his muse and anyone else who cares to join him on tour. As the Baptist Girls cover art might imply these songs are enveloped in an unrelenting pastoral and rustic beauty that should strike a pleasing chord with fans of Fleet Foxes or Bon Iver. Before I even read up on the premise and production of the album I suspected this was recorded in an old barn or farmhouse and sure enough I was right.

Baptist Girls is the 4th volume in the We Listen For You Vinyl Club, a collective of savvy music appreciators and concerned consumers. This package includes the colored vinyl LP, a full-color insert, digital download card, a short-form comic available exclusively to club members, a long-form comic written about one of the songs on the album, a poster, a copy of the debut 7” and a (lengthy) hand-written letter from Scott himself.

If you’ve not crossed paths with the¬†club I suggest you get in on the action, post-haste. The club is still open to new members and plans to evolve as long as participation continues along at its near-100% rate. I’ve featured the inaugural release previously on the BTID Tumblr and everything to hit my mailbox since has been equally up to task.

::If you would like to join the vinyl club, e-mail (use WLFY Record Club Add in the subject line) and you’ll be added to the club and sent a bit of info on the next step!::